I am a Swedish photographer born 1975 and a creativity junkie. I have a tremendous passion and need for creative output. For over fifteen years I was in the music industry. I worked with a lot of famous and talented people. Three of those years I worked full time in the UK as a music producer. I did on average sixteen hours of work per day, seven days a week all year round. I did not relax, party or sleep. I was dedicated to my art and that’s just how I’ve always been. I produced over four hundred songs during that period. Many of those songs are on albums all over the world now under different names and with different artists. It was a monumental time in my life that I have now left behind me.


My parents were both creative people too. My mother was a famous opera singer so I grew up at the theater around talented, extrovert and creative people. My father was a photographer running his own photography firm on the Swedish west coast. At it’s peak he had about fifteen photographers doing press coverage, fashion shoots and portraits. I used to work at his company during the summer holidays when I was younger. I had zero intrest in photography at that time. It was just something I had to do in order to make money so I could buy synthesizers and make music. Although I was very sloppy back then, ruining films rolls and making photographers go crazy, I learned a lot about the old version of the trade. Developing in the dark room, dodging and burning, lighting, talking to customers and eventually photoshopping. Maybe my interest in photography started back then without me knowing about it.


My second passion, besides media creation of all kinds has always been technology. I absolutely love technology. Music making was just as much about the gear as the music. Photography is just as much about taking images to the next level using computers and the latest software as actually taking the shot itself.


I don’t just take photographs, I make them!


Landscape photography is a lot like going fishing. You get a quiet moment to yourself in nature. Society today has become too much like an ant colony. We run around carrying our little burdens hardly noticing the world around us. But if you stop and really look, the world is beautiful. That’s why I make my photographs – to open your eyes to all the things we take for granted.