All images are Limited Edition Prints. To find the price of a particular image, please contact me with your size requirement and ask for a quote.


Each image comes in 4 different size-based editions; Small, Medium, Large and Special. The number of prints in each edition varies depending on the image but usually each edition is printed in 5 to 10 copies. The smaller sized images typically cost less than the larger ones.

• Size is measured by the longest printed end.
• Numbers are in centimeters.
• The size varies depending on if the image is square or rectangular.


Square <= 20
Rectangular <=29,7 (A4)


Square >= 29,7 (A3)
Rectangular >= 29,7


Square > 29,7 – 70
Rectangular > 40 – 70

SP (Special)

Any size, any material. Price agreed upon order.

Placing an order

To place your order send an email with your details to – you will receive an email back with total cost including shipping.
Make a payment to bankgiro 647-9711. Once the transaction has been received production of your art will start.

Please note that some of the images in the “People” section might not be for sale.

Prints are sold unframed due to the shipping cost associated with large wooden frames.
If you wish I can send the print directly to a professional framer of your choice.

It’s possible… Please contact me.

Print Quality
Prints up to and including A3+ are fine art archival pigment ink prints on thick matte paper with incredible quality worthy of museums and world class exhibitions. Price, paper type and printing process will be agreed upon for larger works upon purchase.

Each print will also contain a sigil of authenticity and signature of the photographer on both back and front. Let me know in advance if you want the front signature only on the passpartout.

Older prints sold as non-limited edition
I sold some images early on but not as limited edition prints. These becomes converted to limited edition versions and counts towards the above lists. In essence these has gained value.


You are buying a piece of art – a print for life. Therefor I offer several warranties and guarantees for my prints that you won’t get anywhere else.

Satisfaction warranty

If you are unhappy with your choice of image, size or otherwise – I will offer another image of your choosing FREE of charge. You only have to pay the production cost- or price difference of the new image. (I do not refund price differences)
Simply return the original image to me and I will send you a new one.

Print loss warranty

This is a very special warranty that few photographers on the market offers! If your print is completely destroyed (not simply lost/missing) by fire, water damage etc. and you can provide some kind of proof for this. I will replace the image free of charge and you only pay the production cost of the new image.

Shipping warranty

If your print is damaged upon arrival I will replace it FREE of charge.

Please note that for all warranties where a new print is sent out, shipping costs will apply.

Please note that warranty only covers the actual print, not framing or other specialty materials.