Details Matter

I was inspired recently by another fine art photographer, Brooke Shaden. Her art is very different from mine in that she does much more elaborate compositing than I do. Almost to a point where you cannot call her a photographer. Perhaps ”digital artist” is a more fitting label and something I’m slowly gravitating towards myself. Anyway, she said that she spends a minimum of 5 hours on each piece in Photoshop. That’s certainly a lot more than I’ve ever spent on one of my photos. Some HDR’s I’ve done has maybe taken a few hours to make, if you rule out the time spent taking the actual photograph of course. So in response to that I asked myself the following question:

”What would happen if I spent a considerable more amount of time on each photograph?”

Fine art photography comes in all price ranges. If you walk into a gallery, pieces are usually larger, with smaller editions and starts at 10 times the price of my current prices. I see myself heading in that direction but what if I raised my price this much suddenly. So asked my self this question:

”What if my art was 10 times more expensive than it is now, would I think differently about it?”

Viewing your art as very expensive turns our to be a healthy exercise. Suddenly you want to improve a lot of things that you had previously neglected. Also, allowing yourself or even forcing yourself to work several hours on each work of art creates a whole new understanding of an image. I have noticed that the longer I work on an image the more I come to understand it. Even after  a few hours I learn new things about the same image. Casually glancing over the image and thinking it’s ok is just not enough. You have to dig deeper.

So you start improving things like too dark or too light sections that create contrasts that distracts from the main theme. You might saturate or desaturate portions of your image to create coherence and remove distractive elements. Suddenly you are not just a photographer, you’re an artist and suddenly your photo start to get an almost painterly feel.

In my next entry you can see ”details matter” at work…

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